About the operation of CNC machining centres

For CNC machining centres, as long as the price is reasonable, CNC machining centres have a leading edge in the industrial market, but they often overlook the most vital CNC machining centre operation as well as maintenance. At the same time in the CNC machining centre when you need to pay attention to matters are also to understand.

1, before the machine against the program list to confirm the processing blank type, size and machining allowance and the blank to sand and polish processing. 2、After the machine to confirm the workpiece placement, as well as the processing process sequence, to complete the more table action.

3、Distribution such as the need for a “distraction rod” distraction speed of 501R/M, such as the use of a knife distraction speed depends on the tool, in this process should also pay attention to the same height must be taken to ensure the accuracy of the distraction, after the distraction can be “G0 G54 X0 Y0” for inspection.

4, before the official processing to let the programmer finally confirm the placement of the workpiece and take the number is correct.

About CNC machining CNC machine maintenance

 1, half an hour before work every day on the cnc machining machine to clean up, maintenance If you use an air gun or oil gun to clean up the chips, the spindle must have a knife.

Prohibit the use of air or oil gun blowing spindle taper hole, to avoid chips and other tiny particles of debris are blown into the main shaft hole, affecting the cleanliness of the spindle.

2、Check whether the lubrication system is working normally, whether the lubricant is sufficient, and turn on the machine in the normal order.

3, in cnc CNC machining machine tool before the official work of the spindle to start (speed of 501R / M) to carry out spindle warm-up.

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