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V1 Machining is committed to become the largest supplier of on-demand parts in China. We work with a global network of manufacturing partners to deliver custom parts to customers all over the world, and we are always looking to bring on new partners to expand our capabilities and capacity.

V1 Machining's sub-factories

V1 Machining as a quality China CNC machining supplier & manufacturer has a strong production capacity. Not only because of the 16 years of development history. At the same time, we are constantly updating our production facilities, but more importantly, we are constantly aware of the importance of specialization in our business during our development.

Efficient And High Quality Machining Of Parts, Resulting From A Professional And Segmented Approach To Business

As a result, we have set up three specialised sub-factories for the production and machining of large parts,  precision parts, shafts and disc parts which require different equipment and machining processes, for mechanical parts, precision moulded parts and large moulded parts respectively. With this organisational structure, human resources are fully utilised and equipment is effectively utilised, enabling us to provide an efficient and high quality parts machining service.

Understanding the production capabilities of V1 Machining's 3 sub-factories will enable you to make a quicker decision on whether to choose us.

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CNC machining parts manufacturer, specialize in manufacturing precison mold parts, large mold parts, and various mechanical parts for 16 years. We have rich experience and can help you save costs and improve production efficiency.

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