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POM steel

POM steel POM CNC machining

POM is a tough and flexible material with good creep resistance, geometric stability and impact resistance even at low temperatures. Homopolymer materials have good ductile strength, fatigue strength, but not easy to process. Copolymer materials have very good thermal stability, chemical stability and easy processing. Both homopolymer and copolymer materials are crystalline and do not absorb moisture easily. POM has a very low coefficient of friction and good geometric stability, making it particularly suitable for gears and bearings. Since it also has high temperature resistance, it is also used for piping devices (valves, pump housings), lawn equipment, etc. It is also used for audio machines such as VCR, CD, LD, MD players, radios, headphones, stereo audio, OA machines such as printers, keyboards, CD-ROM drives, household appliances such as washing machines, dryers, hair dryers, parts for automobiles such as seat belt mechanical parts, exterior door handles, mirrors, engine rooms, etc., as well as precision parts for cameras, clocks, etc., and construction materials, game consoles The material used for the molding of toys and stationery, etc.

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    Plastic Materials For CNC Machined Parts

    We have our own strict standards for the materials we process. However, we will also provide materials that meet the standards according to the needs of our customers. In general we often use the following materials.

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