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CNC machining is responsible for a large number of different automotive components, from die-casting different parts to manufacturing beautiful monoblock frames. Automotive components such as cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods, carburettor housings, suspension components, bearing caps and engine housings are all manufactured using different CNC manufacturing technologies and state-of-the-art machines and tools. CNC technology is now the standard and primary method of manufacturing many industrial grade automotive components.

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Auto Parts CNC Machining

CNC plays an important role in rapid manufacturing and production as well as in the production of precision materials. there are many advantages of CNC as a digital code for machining objects that cannot compete with CNC over ordinary machines. CNC machines have the following characteristics.

  • High precision
  • Excellent product consistency
  • Multi-axis linkage
  • High level of automation
  • Low labour intensity
  • short mechanical drive chains – simple construction and high production efficiency

All these features make our vehicles superior and more reliable than those that existed before the creation of CNC vehicles.

Auto Parts CNC Machining

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Our goal is to be your reliable partner. What we are pursuing is a long-term cooperative relationship.

Offering a wide range of parts to be machined, you will receive reports just as if you were in our factory.

16 years experience in machining metal parts

V1 Machining is a ISO9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 and IATF 16949 certified company

Advanced equipment and professional testing, experienced engineer team

Digital scientific management to promote efficient operation of teams and suppliers

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    Applications for automotive parts machining

    Many car manufacturers prefer CNC machining because it allows the manufacture of precision automotive parts of the highest quality. The autonomy of the process makes it extremely unlikely that errors will occur and the optimum machining settings provide tolerances of approximately 0.01mm. This is very advantageous because the automotive industry requires the highest standards and such high tolerances. After all, the failure of a critical component can have serious consequences for the end user.

    V1 Machining specialises in CNC precision parts machining, 5-axis medical components and CNC machining of aluminium alloy housings. We can provide CNC machining for various non-standard equipment processing parts, industries covering medical equipment parts, automotive modification parts, auto parts precision parts, industrial equipment parts, photography equipment aluminum alloy shells, all kinds of electronic products aluminum alloy shells, etc. We can provide CNC machining for customization with drawings and samples.

    Specialist engineers provide optimised DFM.

    Design problems are identified without being put into production. Our engineers will provide cost-effective and sound advice on design, materials, manufacturing processes and manufacturability.

    Advanced customised machining.

    In addition to traditional machine configurations, with our state-of-the-art 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machining centres, we can provide different types of precision CNC machining services, including milling, turning, EDM and wire cutting, surface grinding and more.

    A comprehensive overview of CNC machining centres

    One-stop post finishing.

    We offer a complete in-house finishing service including sanding, polishing, sandblasting, painting and printing. There are also special finishes for laser etching, anodising, electroplating, chrome plating, chemical finishing and powder coating.

    ISO 9001 certified factory.

    We are committed to the continuous improvement and optimisation of our in-house production processes. Our highly trained engineering team is able to check and ensure that your projects meet strict quality specifications.

    CNC automotive components.

    Our efficient production systems enable us to serve both domestic and global markets. Our products are suitable for major automotive giants in the Indian and UK regions. A wide range of products are made from aluminium, brass, stainless steel and mild steel for a wide range of components as well as shafts, linings, flanges, sleeves, pistons, cap drive bearings.

    Partner with V1 Machining for better quality parts

    with the help of CNC hand-forming technology, automotive manufacturers can produce high fidelity components with the optimum capacity offered by the system. The automotive industry requires tolerances of ±0.001″ due to the type of products it offers to consumers.

    CNC machining offers faster production times. This is due to its automated nature, eliminating the need for lengthy and labour-intensive manual machining.

    design and produce any complex CNC medical part from customer drawings and samples

    Being a computer controlled process, automotive CNC machining also brings the assurance of repeatability. This is a key element in any industrial grade production environment. In the automotive industry, it is vital to ensure consistent part batches. In this way, all CNC vehicles launched will meet the same standards.

    nearly 100 CNC machines can withstand high volume production

    providing a reliable and fast solution for auto parts handpieces

    timely communication with customers on production progress and on-time delivery

    Applications Industries of Parts CNC Machining

    V1 machining is a CNC company offering services suitable for mass production of high-precision mould parts, large Die parts and various mechanical parts, such as components for cell phones, medical devices, optical equipment, automobile, the lighting industry, office equipment, etc. We know that CNC machining has become the most basic, extensive and important technology in the mechanical manufacturing industry, which directly affects production efficiency, cost, energy consumption, and environmental protection. The CNC machining applications involves the following industries:

    Automotive Manufacturing
    Communication Industry
    Consumer Electronics industry
    Gear Parts Solutions
    Industrial Robotics Solutions
    Large Die Solutions
    Medical Equipment Industry
    Mold Industry Solutions
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