Titanium Alloy In CNC Machining

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Titanium alloy

Titanium alloy TC4 Titanium alloy CNC machining

TC4 titanium alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, small density, high specific strength and better toughness and weldability and a series of advantages, in aerospace, petrochemical, shipbuilding, automotive, pharmaceutical and other sectors have been successfully applied.

Industrial Pure Titanium Titanium Alloy CNC Machining

Industrially pure titanium is graded according to the content of impurity elements. It has excellent stamping process properties and welding properties, is insensitive to heat treatment and tissue type, and has some strength under satisfactory plasticity conditions. Its strength depends mainly on the content of interstitial elements oxygen and nitrogen. It has high corrosion resistance in seawater, but is poor in inorganic acids. It is generally used in the manufacture of various sheet parts or forgings working at temperatures from -253 to 350°C with little force, and also in the manufacture of rivet wire and tubing.

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