Nylon Plastic In CNC Machining

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Nylon PA6 Nylon CNC machining

This material offers the best combination of mechanical strength, stiffness, toughness, mechanical shock absorption and wear resistance. These properties, combined with good electrical insulation and chemical resistance, make Nylon 6 a "general purpose" material used in the manufacture of mechanical and serviceable parts.

Nylon PA66 Nylon CNC machining

Compared with nylon 6, its mechanical strength, stiffness, heat and wear resistance, creep resistance is better, but impact strength and mechanical damping performance is reduced, ideal for automatic lathe machining.

Nylon PA12 Nylon CNC machining

The scientific name of PA12 is polydodecalactam, also known as nylon 12. The basic raw material for its polymerization is butadiene, which can depend on petrochemicals. It is a semi-crystalline - crystalline thermoplastic material. It has similar properties to PA11, but has a different crystalline structure; PA12 is a good electrical insulator and, like other polyamides, does not suffer from moisture-related insulating properties. PA12 has a number of improved plasticizing and reinforcing properties. Compared to PA6 and PA66, these materials have a lower melting point and density, and have a very high moisture recovery rate; PA12 is not resistant to strong oxidizing acids. Typical applications for nylon 12 are: water meters and other commercial equipment, cable sleeves, mechanical cams, sliding mechanisms, photovoltaic backsheets and bearings, etc.

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