CNC milling of precision chemical parts in the direction of moulds

The four lead-in holes of the mould blank are not perfectly symmetrical, one of them is asymmetrical. It is therefore obvious that the mould is machined before and after the die. Each formwork has a reference. The front and back of the mould must be aligned. Particular attention must be paid to the moulds formed in the original mould.

When drawing it is also important to pay attention to the orientation, which is the same for the copper as for the front view (top view) and the core, which is the same for the hidden frame as for the copper, and the opposite for the front. Some decorative lines such as grooves or tabs on the surface are not easy to work as they are narrower. For recesses, we generally avoid grooves, i.e. milling out the depth and then making up a loose surface to make a sunken surface.

cnc machining-Five-axis CNC lathe precision parts cnc machining-Shenzhen Weimart hardware parts manufacturer CNC milling precision parts a set usually has several and a dozen parts. The main mating dimensions of these parts are ensured by computerized boring. Choosing reasonable tolerances is very important, especially as some product design drawings do not take coordination into account.

On the bottom, the housing is matched, the shape is undoubtedly 0 to 0. The positioning is ensured by branching, and the tolerance of the recess is usually 0.1 MM on one side. Accessories on large bodies such as transparent mirrors, the general shape of the accessories is smaller than the size of the large body. 0.1 to 0.2 on one side. moving parts of the large fuselage, such as buttons, the shape of the fittings is 0.1 to 0.5 smaller than the shape of the large fuselage.

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