CNC precision aluminum alloy parts processing quality control process that you should know

CNC precision aluminum parts processing products

At present, the rapid development of various industries, the market demand for precision aluminum alloy parts is getting bigger and bigger, the shape and structure of the products are getting more and more complicated, the industries to which the aluminum alloy parts are applied are getting wider and wider, and the customers’ requirements for the quality and delivery time of the products are getting higher and higher. Then, quality control becomes the first consideration for CNC machining manufacturers. About quality control, V1 Machining parts processing factory is doing this.

First, the selection of raw materials; different materials have different characteristics and functions to ensure that the function of the parts is guaranteed, and the raw materials purchased must meet the customer’s requirements; V1 Machining parts manufacturers’ professional engineers will choose the most suitable aluminum alloy or other materials for processing according to the 3D drawings, samples and requirements provided by the customer.

Second, the processing process; the current machining industry advanced CNC machining center, five-axis machining equipment, such as CNC machining, the characteristics of the product processing, small error, high precision, product molding speed, you can process the shape and structure of complex precision parts. After the completion of the product processing and then polishing and grinding by the handwork department, so that the product surface is bright and round.

Finally, there is the quality inspection; after the surface treatment and preliminary inspection of the product is completed by hand and then handed over to the quality inspection department for quality inspection of the product as a whole. This step consists of three major steps: size, weight and appearance of the product, and after completing the quality inspection, the product is packed and mailed to the customer. We ensure that the products delivered to our customers meet or exceed their expectations.

V1 Machining parts supplier We have been in the machining industry for 20 years and have advanced CNC machining centers, cooperating with companies covering Germany and England in Europe; the United States, Canada, Mexico, etc. in America; and Japan in Asia, with professional technical teams and pre-sales and after-sales service systems, and overseas representatives and branches in 45 countries and 160 regions. We provide one-stop processing service to our customers.

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