Do you really understand five-axis machining?

Five-axis machining, as the name implies, is a mode of CNC machine tool machining. Using linear interpolation motion of any five coordinates in X, Y, Z, A, B, C, the machine used for 5-axis machining is usually called a 5-axis machine or 5-axis machining center. But do you really understand five-axis machining?

The development of 5-axis technology

For decades, it was widely believed that five-axis CNC machining technology was the only means of processing continuous, smooth, complex surfaces. Once people encountered unsolvable problems in designing and manufacturing complex surfaces, they would turn to 5-axis machining technology.

Five-axis linkage CNC is the most difficult and widely used technology in CNC technology, which integrates computer control, high-performance servo drive and precision machining technology, and is applied to the efficient, precise and automated processing of complex surfaces.

The international five-axis CNC technology as a national production equipment automation technology level of the mark. Because of its special status, especially for aviation, aerospace, military industry, as well as the important impact of technical complexity, the western industrial countries have been five-axis CNC system as strategic materials to implement the export licensing system.

Compared with the three-axis linkage of CNC machining, from the point of view of process and programming, the use of five-axis CNC machining of complex surfaces has the following advantages.

 (1) improve the quality and efficiency of processing

 (2) expand the scope of the process

 (3) to meet the new direction of composite development

A comprehensive overview of CNC machining centres

Five-axis CNC programming abstract, difficult to operate

This is every traditional CNC programmers are deeply headache. Three axis machine tools only linear coordinate axis, and five-axis CNC machine structure in various forms.

The same paragraph NC code can be in different three-axis CNC machine tools to obtain the same processing effect, but a five-axis machine NC code can not be applied to all types of five-axis machine tools. In addition to linear motion, NC programming also coordinates the calculation of rotary motion.

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