Factors affecting the accuracy of automotive parts in machining process

Physical environment

In the process of machining process to produce automotive parts, the physical environment has the greatest impact on the accuracy and is irreversible. Once the parameters are set incorrectly, the accuracy will be directly affected if there is an error with the processing requirements of the parts.

Thermal deformation

Thermal deformation is a frequent phenomenon affecting the accuracy of processing production, in the processing of automotive parts, two kinds of thermal deformation can occur, one is caused by the tool, the other is the processing of heat deformation.

Among them, the tool in the high-frequency cutting process, due to the force and repeated friction generates a lot of heat, and the process of contact with the processing object, the transfer of heat, when more than the upper limit of the processing object tolerance, it will make the processing object deformation, resulting in the final part accuracy is not up to standard.

Deformation by force

During the machining process, the workpiece itself has the weight to produce a certain gravity, the tool in the process of running a certain cutting force and friction, machinery and equipment running for a long time will produce a certain squeezing pressure due to deformation, these external forces can act on the processing object, resulting in different degrees of deformation of the processing object, so as not to ensure accuracy.

Geometric error

Parts of the mechanical processing process affects the accuracy of many factors, and geometric error has a high frequency, the impact of serious features, geometric error and machine tool spindle rotation, machine tool spindle is the source of power in the process of machining parts, affecting the tool, machining object position, whether the power is sufficient through the smoothness of the surface of the processed parts can be judged.

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