Five axis cNC processing auto parts five advantages

Five-axis machining machine tool is a machine tool system with high science and technology content and high precision, which is specially used for machining complex surface.

It has a decisive influence on the national aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments, high precision medical equipment and other industries.

Five-axis CNC machine tool can control the simultaneous movement of three linear coordinate axes and two rotary coordinate axes, so that the cutting tool and the workpiece can be machining according to the specified trajectory.

Five axis CNC machining center is a collection of milling, fine milling, fine boring, drilling, reaming as one of the CNC machine tools, can be processed in various fields such as sheet gold, mold and other small and medium-sized hardware parts.

Multi-faceted processing of automobile parts once clamping

Auto parts have different shapes, the use of five-axis CNC machining without intervention, a clamping can complete the processing, and avoid repeated positioning error of many times of installation entrain. It not only shortens the time, but also saves the cost of fixture when installing the workpiece

Reduced equipment investment cost

Auto parts five axis linkage machining center, can reduce the workshop area and the number of workshops. A five-axis machining center for automobile parts has a variety of processes such as milling, drilling and grinding.

Engineering intensive production only needs the waiting time for debugging in the early stage. Programming can be completed by importing blank data, and the preparation in the early stage can be greatly shortened.

Five-axis machining of deep cavity mold for auto parts

In deep cavity machining, the three-axis machining center must be lengthened the tool handle and tool, but the five-axis linkage machining center can be used to shorten the tool length properly. Through the additional rotation and swing of the workpiece or the spindle head, the collision phenomenon between the tool and the tool rod and the cavity wall can be prevented.

Reduce the jitter and damage of the tool, extend the service life of the tool, greatly improve the surface quality of the die and processing efficiency.

Machining the mold side wall

In the side wall machining, the tool length of the three-axis machining center is greater than the depth of the side wall, if the tool length is higher than 3 times the diameter, it is difficult to ensure the quality of the tool.

The five-axis machining center can use the swing of the spindle or the workpiece to make the side wall of the tool and the die always present a vertical state, improve the quality of the workpiece and extend the service life of the tool.

The surface machining mold is flat

The three-axis machining center is in, the three-axis machining center needs to use the ball knife to finish milling the knife path, but the center of the ball knife rotation line speed is almost zero, the knife damage degree is larger in the mold processing, the service life will drop sharply, the surface quality will become worse.

The application of five-axis machining center can become a certain Angle of processing, increase the relative linear speed, not only improve the service life of the tool, the surface quality of the workpiece will also be greatly improved.

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