Five Requirements of CNC mechanical parts manufacturer for Precision Parts Processing

  • High processing precision and stable quality
  • Strong processing ability and high level of flexibility
  • Reduce Labor Efficiency And Improve Work Standards
  • High Manufacturing Efficiency And Low Cost Of CNC Mechanical Parts Manufacturer
  • Good economic returns

1. High processing precision and stable quality

The machining process of tool CNC mechanical parts manufactureris adjusted by the electronic computer according to the program imported in advance. As long as the information content command is appropriate, the accuracy of the machining center can be ensured, thus preventing the product quality from being different due to the different technical strength of operators. We know that the machining center parts have a high repeatability accuracy. When machining the same batch of parts, it can ensure the unity and stability of processing, and CNC parts are not easily affected by objective factors.

2. Strong processing ability and high level of flexibility

Chinese precision CNC mechanical parts manufacturer focus on the processing program. When processing different parts, they can quickly meet the processing requirements by formulating or modifying the processing program again without adjusting the operation of the machine tool. This greatly shortens the technical preparation time for replacing the hardware configuration of the machine tool. Therefore, CNC is suitable for the production and manufacturing of parts of multiple types, parts or small batch production. For parts with complex appearance, general machine tools are almost impossible, while CNC machine tools can only customize corresponding programs, and can also process some sophisticated and complicated parts.

3. Reduce labor efficiency and improve work standards

The lathe processing process of Chinese precision CNC parts manufacturers is automatically realized according to the processing program. In general, operators usually carry out control panel operation, product workpiece loading and unloading, NC blade preparation, intermediate accurate measurement of important steps and observation of the operation of the machine tool, without carrying out complex and repeatable manual production, which alleviates the physical labor of employees and correspondingly alleviates the labor standard.

4、High manufacturing efficiency and low cost of CNC mechanical parts manufacturer

The NC machining center moves the components at a faster speed in the empty stroke. It hardly needs to adjust the machine tool again to remove or replace product workpieces, and the machining accuracy is relatively stable. Generally, only the first sample inspection and sampling inspection of important specifications between process flows are performed, which greatly reduces the time of quota proportional method such as installation and shutdown inspection, improves the processing production efficiency, reduces the processing cost, and the larger the production volume, the lower the processing cost.

5. Good economic returns

The advantages of Chinese precision CNC mechanical parts manufacturer depend on the fact that when changing the processing target, they only need to write the processing program again, and do not need to produce, manufacture or replace new machine tools. For parts with complicated shapes and high accuracy, the use of machining centers can appropriately reduce the types and number of general CNC lathes, reasonably reduce the investment in machinery and equipment, and is beneficial to the company’s faster development and reproduction. In the case of small and large batch production of spare parts, the application of CNC parts processing can reduce the time for adjustment, processing and testing, and directly save production costs. The NC machining quality is stable, which can reduce or even prevent the waste, reduce the product cost, and obtain better economic benefits.

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