Germany’s high-end CNC machine tools 3 outstanding performance.

German CNC machine tools outstanding manufacturing technology in several aspects.

First, the design of CNC machine tools. German CNC machine tools do not look like anything special, but the German CNC machine tools are highly accurate and durable. Especially the grasp of the design details can be said to be perfect.

Second, the stability of CNC machine tools is outstanding. As we all know, CNC machine tool castings are the basic skeleton, is the key to withstand the cutting torque force and dispersion of vibration force, is the basis of the stability of the machine. If a high-precision CNC machine tool lacks good castings, even the best spindle screw guide, the machine accuracy will be lost after a year.

Third, the high precision of CNC machine tools. CNC machine tool accuracy refers to the shape of the main components of CNC machine tools, mutual position and relative movement of the precise degree, Germany in several aspects including geometric accuracy, transmission accuracy, accuracy of movement, positioning accuracy and accuracy retention are very good.

  1. geometric accuracy: geometric accuracy refers to the CNC machine tool no-load conditions, in no movement (CNC machine tool spindle does not turn or table does not move, etc.) or movement at a lower speed when the main components of the shape, mutual position and relative movement of the precise degree. Geometric accuracy directly affects the accuracy of the processing workpiece, is the evaluation of the quality of CNC machine tools basic indicators. It is mainly determined by the structural design, manufacturing and assembly quality.
  2. motion accuracy: motion accuracy refers to the accuracy of the main components of CNC machine tools to work at the speed of movement. Such as high-speed rotary spindle rotation accuracy. For high-speed precision machine tools, motion accuracy is an important indicator to evaluate the quality of machine tools.
  3. transmission accuracy: transmission accuracy refers to the coordination and accuracy of the relative motion between the end-effector of the machine tool transmission system. The error in this regard becomes the transmission error of the transmission chain, such as the lathe in turning threads, the spindle every turn, the amount of tool holder movement should be equal to the dry thread guide.

The German government has always attached importance to the important strategic position of the CNC machine tool industry, in many aspects of vigorous support. Although the German CNC machine tool industry development than the United States late, but because of good at learning the United States, Britain’s advanced technology, and strengthen scientific experiments and research and analysis, especially in advanced technology research, so the development of CNC machine tool industry is very rapid. First of all, Germany pays special attention to scientific experiments, the combination of theory and practice, basic scientific research and applied technology research. Secondly, adhere to the “people-oriented”, and constantly improve the quality of personnel. Enterprises and university research departments to work closely with user products, processing technology, machine layout research and CNC machine tool commonality and characteristics of the problem of in-depth research, especially in the quality of excellence.

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