How does a five axis machining center achieve large size, high precision and high efficiency?

The five axis machining part center has a decisive influence on the aerospace, scientific research, precision instruments and other industries of a country. It can not only complete the task of mechanized processing of complex workpieces, but also shorten the processing process and rapidly improve the processing efficiency. It has a high degree of concern in the high-end manufacturing industry.

What fields can five axis machining centers be applied to?

Both military enterprises and private enterprises are usingfive axis machining part  to process, simplifying the processing process and complexity, and reducing the production cost of enterprises. At present, five axis machining part center has become the development direction of high-end machining center.

Five axis machining centers are not only used in civil industries, such as wood mold manufacturing, bathroom trimming, automotive interior parts processing, foam mold processing, European style home furnishing, solid wood chairs, etc., but also widely used in aviation, aerospace, scientific research, precision equipment, high-precision medical equipment and other industries. Five axis machining center is a high-tech means, which makes impossible possible. All spatial surfaces and special-shaped machining can be completed.

In the products of aerospace, automobile, ship, national defense and other fields, the complex surface class occupies a large proportion, such as impellers, propellers, various surface forming molds, etc.

As far as the possibility of machining is concerned, when there is no processing interference area or processing blind area, the ball end milling cutter can generally be used for three coordinate linkage machining of complex surfaces. The machining accuracy is high, but the efficiency is low. If the workpiece has processing interference area or processing blind area, it is necessary to consider using a five axis linkage machine tool.

Machining of special-shaped parts

The special-shaped parts are irregular in shape, and most of them need to be processed by multiple stations of point, line and surface, such as support, base, template, profiling, etc. The rigidity of special-shaped parts is generally poor, the clamping and cutting deformation is difficult to control, and the machining accuracy is also difficult to ensure. At this time, it is possible to give full play to the characteristics of the five axis machining center, adopt reasonable process measures, clamp once or twice, and complete multiple processes or all processing contents.

Machining box type parts

Box type parts refer to parts with more than one hole system and more cavities. Such parts are widely used in machinery, automobile, aircraft and other industries, such as automobile engine cylinder block, gearbox, headstock and spindle box of machine tools, diesel engine cylinder block, gear pump housing, etc.

Box type parts are processed on afive axis machining part . One clamping can complete 60%~95% of the process content of ordinary machine tools. The parts have good accuracy consistency, stable quality, and can shorten the production cycle and reduce costs. For the parts with many processing stations and the worktable needs to rotate several times to complete, the horizontal machining center is generally selected; When there are few processing stations and the span is not large, the vertical machining center can be selected to process from one end.

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