How to avoid deformation in machining

Mechanical processing performance is not only related to the interests of enterprises, but also related to safety, which can effectively reduce the probability of safety accidents while bringing economic benefits to enterprises. Therefore, it is very important to avoid the deformation of parts in the process of machining. Operators need to consider all kinds of factors, and take corresponding measures to prevent deformation in the process, so that the finished parts can be used normally. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to analyze the causes of deformation in parts processing, and find out reliable measures for parts deformation problem, in order to lay a solid foundation for the realization of strategic goals of modern enterprises.

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Analyze the causes of deformation in machining of mechanical parts

Internal force action leads to parts machining accuracy change

Lathe processing, is usually the use of centripetal force, with the lathe three claw or four claw chuck, the parts clamped, and then the mechanical parts processing. At the same time, in order to ensure that the parts in the force is not loose, reduce the role of internal radial force, must make the clamping force is greater than the cutting force of the machine. The clamping force increases with the increase of cutting force, and then decreases. This operation can make the mechanical parts stable in the process of processing. However, in the three claw or four claw chuck released, processed mechanical parts will be far from the original, some appear polygon, some appear oval, there is a large deviation.

Deformation is easy to occur after heat treatment

For the mechanical parts of thin section, the straw hat is easy to bend after heat treatment because of its very large diameter. On the one hand, there will be a bulge in the middle of the phenomenon, the plane deviation increases, on the other hand, due to the influence of various external factors, so that the parts have bending phenomenon. These deformation problems are not only due to the changes in the internal stress of the parts after heat treatment, but also because the operators do not have solid professional knowledge and do not know the structural stability of the parts, which increases the probability of deformation of the parts.

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Elastic deformation caused by external force

How to choose the plastic material to be used for machining mechanical parts?
How to choose the plastic material to be used for machining mechanical parts?

There are several reasons for elastic deformation of parts in machining.

One is that if the internal structure of some parts contains thin sections, it will have higher requirements for the operation method, otherwise, when the operator locates and clamps the parts, it cannot correspond to the design of the drawing, which is easy to lead to elastic deformation.

Understanding CNC machining tolerances
Understanding CNC machining tolerances

Two is the lathe and fixture is not smooth, so that the parts in the fixed on both sides of the force is not uniform, resulting in cutting the force of the small side under the action of the force will appear translation appears parts deformation. Three is in the process of processing parts of the positioning is not reasonable, so that the rigid strength of the parts to reduce. Fourth, the existence of cutting force is also one of the reasons for elastic deformation of parts.

The elastic deformation caused by these different reasons indicates the influence of external force on the machining quality of mechanical parts.

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