How to realize ‘freedom of mechanical parts’?

First of all, what should we know about mechanical parts? Mechanical parts, also known as mechanical elements, are the basic elements of machinery. 

It plays a very important role in a machine and is an inseparable single part of machinery and machinery.

Mechanical parts is not only a discipline of researching and designing mechanical basic parts in various equipment, but also a general term for parts and components.

Mechanical parts are so important to machines. How do we choose mechanical parts?

We can judge whether this mechanical part can be used according to the function and accuracy requirements of the part.

The selection of geometric tolerance items should also meet the function and accuracy requirements of parts.

Mainly considering the impact of form and position errors on the fitting nature, assembly interchangeability, working accuracy, and dish availability of parts.

The geometric tolerance items that must be selected to ensure these properties can only be determined .

When the service properties of the designed parts are understood and defined in the design.

For example, to ensure the correct meshing transmission of a pair of bevel gears.

The verticality of the hole for installing the bevel gear shaft on the box needs to be given. 

The rotation accuracy of the lathe spindle is very high, and the coaxiality of its front and rear neck should be specified to ensure the accuracy of the spindle.

Although the mechanical parts are small, they play an indispensable part in the mechanical operation.

So how are these small parts produced?

The machining of small parts has the characteristics of high precision, high speed, high efficiency and high automation.

Advanced small-scale part processing machines generally achieve precision surface processing through nano interpolation.

Part picture

The machining accuracy is high.

Distribution of automobile parts

Used for milling, turning spindles and CNC oscillating shafts to maintain constant temperature in processing projects.

Advanced small parts processing machine can automatically realize milling, drilling, turning, boring, tapping and other processes

Equipped with automatic loading and unloading device and automatic chip removal system.

Equipped with internal automatic tool setting instrument and small damage detection device.

Length, direction, radius and workpiece position can be compensated.

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