Pay attention to the following matters when using double-sided CNC milling machine

The double-sided CNC milling machine is a machine tool that uses a milling cutter to process the surface of the workpiece. It can mill planes, gear teeth, grooves, etc., and is widely used in repair departments and equipment manufacturing. As a very common metal reprocessing machine in the workshop, it has been trusted by users in the domestic market for many years. This machine tool not only has the ability of digital manipulation and processing, but also can greatly reduce the errors in the production process. It is a kind of digital equipment.

Here are the precautions for the use of double-sided CNC milling machine.

Maintain heat dissipation

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In the process of operation, the machine must be kept in good heat dissipation, and the machine temperature cannot be too high, because during the working period, there are a lot of dust, oil and metallic powder in the working area. If these things enter the control panel of the CNC double-sided boring and milling machine, the high temperature will change these substances and circuit boards, affecting their normal operation.

Keep lathe machine and its parts

clean and tidy

Because when it is used, the environment it is in is relatively harsh. Long time operation will cause the filter inside the machine to be blocked by small molecule substances. If it is not cleaned out in time, it will cause damage to the machine elements, which will lead to the failure of normal operation of the machine, reduce the service life of the machine and also reduce certain economic benefits for the enterprise.

 Replace the storage battery regularly

The settings of the machine tool are all controlled by computers. If the storage battery is not replaced for a long time, the storage content will be lost and damaged, which will have a very adverse impact on parameter settings and performance debugging data loss, and in serious cases, the entire production chain will be suspended, so this is very important.

During normal use, check whether the cooling fan works normally. Generally, check whether the air duct filter is blocked half a year or every quarter. If the dust accumulates too much, clean it in time. If the DC motor brush is found to be seriously worn, it will affect the performance of the motor, and even damage the motor. Therefore, the motor brush must be regularly inspected and replaced. Generally speaking, it should be inspected once a year or half a year.

Structure Composition and Characteristics of Vertical Double faced Milling Machine

The processing process of vertical double-sided milling machine is that the machine tool sets milling power heads at both ends of the mechanical bench, and then realizes the purpose of processing the two ends of the workpiece through the two-way drive of the motor. It does not need to turn the workpiece around, that is, it only needs to clamp once to complete the center holes at both ends of the shaft parts. In recent years, with the improvement of technology, with the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and high coaxiality, the machining of the positioning end face and the positioning center hole at both ends of the shaft has been completed.

The machining accuracy of vertical double-sided milling machine is often affected by the change of workshop ambient temperature, motor heating, mechanical motion friction heating, cutting heat and cooling medium. The temperature change makes the temperature of parts change with time, making the machine tool lose the existing adjustment accuracy, affecting the size of the workpiece to be machined. At the same time, the temperature rise also makes the bearing clearance change, thus affecting the machining accuracy.

Now let’s introduce the structure and characteristics of the vertical double-sided milling machine:

Bed: The bed is divided into two types: double rectangular guide rail and one rectangular one V-shaped combined guide rail. The guide rail surface of the bed is treated by ultrasonic quenching, with a depth of 3-5 mm, a hardness of HRC-52, good wear resistance and long service life.

2. Workbench: The workbench is cast from wear-resistant cast iron. After finishing, it is made by using a craft shovel and a guide rail surface. Frequency converter is selected for the feeding of worktable to achieve stepless speed change.

3. Column: the guide rail of column is selected

Two rectangular guide rails, one high and one low, are combined. Its high guide rail is 55mm higher than the low guide rail, with large contact area, high stability function and good rigidity. Super audio frequency quenching treatment is selected, with good hardness and wear resistance. The workpiece height is not bound by the machine tool and can be milled vertically up and down.

4. Horizontal bed: horizontal

To the bed is to move vertically with the main bed on the horizontal plane, and move forward and backward along the vertical and main bed centerline on the horizontal plane. It is characterized by extensive milling. The lead screw nut is rotated by the reducer motor.

  • Spindle: It has an independent feed system, and the feed speed is controlled by the frequency converter. The boring (drilling) speed can be scheduled according to different materials of the workpiece. The active feed can be 300/460/600mm, and the manual fine adjustment is 150mm.
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