Machining process analysis of CNC machining

Machining process analysis of CNC machining

The CNC machining processability of the part being machined involves a wide range of issues, the following combined with the possibility and convenience of programming some of the main elements that must be analyzed and reviewed.

  1, size labeling should be consistent with the characteristics of CNC machining
  In the CNC programming, all points, lines, surface dimensions and location are based on the programming origin. Therefore, it is best to give the coordinate size directly on the part diagram, or try to cite the same datum size.

  2, geometric elements of the conditions should be complete and accurate
  In the programming, the programmer must fully grasp the geometric elements that constitute the part profile parameters and the relationship between the geometric elements. Because in automatic programming to define all the geometric elements of the part profile, manual programming to calculate the coordinates of each node, no matter which point is not clear or uncertain, programming can not be carried out. However, due to poor consideration or neglect by the part designer during the design process, parameters are often incomplete or unclear, such as whether the arc is tangent to or intersects or departs from the line, arc and arc. Therefore, when reviewing and analyzing the drawings, we must be careful and find the problem in time to contact with the designer.

  3、Reliable positioning datum

  In the CNC machining, the processing process is often more concentrated, the same benchmark positioning is very important. Therefore, it is often necessary to set some auxiliary benchmarks, or add some process tabs on the blank.

  4, unified geometric type or size
  The shape of the part, the cavity is best to use a unified geometric type or size, which can reduce the number of tool changes, but also may apply control procedures or special procedures to shorten the length of the program. The shape of the part is as symmetrical as possible to facilitate the use of CNC machine tools mirror processing function to program to save programming time.

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