Matters needing attention in precision casting product processing

Nowadays, precision casting is a more common production method in the machining process. If the operation is not standard, the casting will be affected by other interference and affect the quality. What should be paid attention to during the operation?

1. The obstacles at the entrance and exit as well as in the plant area shall be removed.

2. Check whether the molten iron ladle is dried, whether the ladle bottom, the ladle ear and the ladle bar are safe and stable, and whether the rotating place is sensitive. It is not allowed to use equipment that has not been dried.

3. Tools in contact with molten iron must be heated in advance, otherwise they cannot be used.

4. The molten iron shall not exceed 80% of the volume of the molten iron bag, and shall be stable when moving to avoid scalding.

5. Before using the crane for operation, check whether the hook is safe in advance, and assign special personnel to supervise the operation. No personnel are allowed to pass the route.

6. The casting shall be accurate and stable, and molten iron shall not be poured into the sand box from the riser.

7. When molten iron is poured into the sand mold, the industrial waste gas discharged from the air outlet, riser and gap shall be ignited in time to prevent toxic gas and molten iron from splashing and injuring people.

8. Excess molten iron must be poured into the prepared sand pit or iron film, and cannot be poured in other places to avoid explosion injury. If it splashes on the road during transportation, it shall be cleaned immediately after it is dried.

9. Before use, all equipment shall be inspected to prevent potential safety hazards, and cleaned immediately after use.

What causes directly affect the quality of stainless steel investment castings?

With the increasing demand for stainless steel precision casting industrial products in the domestic market, the relevant enterprises in China have begun to get rid of the restrictions of foreign products, and began to move towards the transformation of independent development to provide market competitiveness of products. At present, independent research and development has become the primary goal of domestic foundry enterprises.

In the past two years, although other enterprises’ nonferrous metal casting business dominated by exports rose and fell sharply under the influence of the financial crisis.

However, rather than being “anxious” about this, the company believes that this is a good time to adjust the product structure. In order to meet the needs of customers in an all-round way, it began to independently develop and process molds. We have strengthened market development and achieved intensive development in line with the international market. It will greatly promote the continuous development of domestic stainless steel investment casting industry.

The quality of stainless steel investment castings is good and bad. As long as people want to buy castings, they must want to buy high-quality products. What is the reason that affects the quality of castings? Let’s take a look.

First of all, in terms of forming, almost every link of stainless steel precision castings can affect the quality of castings. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of castings, strict inspection must be carried out at all links and operators must have high quality. Only by mastering all links can the quality of castings be stabilized and qualified products be produced.

Secondly, the quality of castings is also closely related to the materials used. If the quality of materials is high, the quality of castings produced will also be high, and vice versa. Therefore, when purchasing, people must ask what kind of stainless steel the casting is made of.

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