Mechanical processing technology – special processing methods for mechanical parts that the mechanical industry needs to master

After the third scientific and technological revolution, the world has ushered in the information age of rapid development. The progress of science and technology has played a more and more important role in politics, economy, society and other aspects, which also makes the international competition more and more fierce. The machining process of parts is a part of science and technology.

The level and popularity of the machining process of parts has become one of the important indicators to measure a country’s comprehensive national strength and industrial modernization level. As an advanced processing technology, part machining technology has greatly promoted the development of China’s part processing industry and manufacturing industry.

Overview of Special Machining

With the development of science and technology and production, many modern industrial products are required to have high strength, high speed, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and other technical properties.

In order to meet the above requirements, some new materials and new structures need to be used, thus posing many new problems for mechanical processing, such as the processing of high-strength alloy steel, heat resistant steel, titanium alloy, cemented carbide and other difficult to process materials.

Processing of non-metallic materials such as ceramics, glass, synthetic diamond and silicon chips; Surface processing with high precision and minimal surface roughness; Processing of special special workpieces such as complex profile, thin wall, small hole, narrow slit, etc. Special processing technology is developing rapidly under this new situation.

Classification of special processing:

According to the processing mechanism and the energy used, special processing can be divided into the following categories.

Mechanical processing. Use mechanical energy to process, such as ultrasonic machining, abrasive jet machining, abrasive flow machining, liquid jet machining;

Electro physical processing. Electric energy is converted into heat energy, mechanical energy and light energy for processing, such as electrochemical processing, electroplating and electroforming;

Laser processing. The laser energy is converted into heat energy for processing.

Composite machining. Machining and special machining are combined to form composite machining, such as electrochemical grinding, ultrasonic electrochemical grinding, etc.

It is worth noting that the combination of more than two kinds of impossibilities and working principles can complement each other and achieve good results. In recent years, these new composite machining methods are emerging.

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