Methods to improve the efficiency of precision parts machining

Methods to improve the efficiency of precision parts machining

Our chief engineer of V1machining will introduce us some ways to improve the machining power of precision parts.

Non-standard equipment parts processing process will appear tool wear accelerated, poor processing appearance integrity, chip cleaning difficulties and other common problems. Seriously affect the quality of such material precision parts processing, production cycle and processing costs.

Non-standard equipment parts processing needs to get super-lubricated processing appearance and high processing accuracy, which requires the knife has a high standard life. Whether the tool has worn out, will be based on the quality of the machined surface is not degraded super poor. Diamond tool life is very high, high-speed cutting tool wear is also very slow, so ultra-precision cutting, cutting speed is not subject to the constraints of tool life, which is different from the general cutting rules.

Non-standard equipment parts processing practice selected cutting speed, often based on the dynamic characteristics of the ultra-precision machine tools used and the dynamic characteristics of the cutting system selection, that is, the selection of vibration Z small speed, because at that speed the appearance of roughness Z small, processing quality Z high, to obtain high quality non-standard machining appearance is the primary question of non-standard equipment parts processing, the use of good quality, especially the dynamic characteristics of good, small vibration ultra Precision machine tools can use high cutting speed, can improve the power of processing. Precision parts processing

The selection of non-standard equipment parts processing parameters include the selection of the cutting tool point of view, the selection of cutting speed and cutting depth and feed rate selection, etc. From past experience we know that in the processing of plastic materials, assuming that the selection of a larger front angle of the tool can be useful to press down the composition of the chip tumor. This is when the tool front angle increases, the cutting force decreases, the cutting deformation is small, and the touch length between the tool and the chip becomes shorter, which reduces the basis of the chip tumor.

Precision parts

CNC precision machining, you have to pay attention to what dangers?

First, the transmission equipment in the actual operation of the probability of danger is relatively large, the machine tool transmission is generally composed of gear parts, drive chain and drive belt. If these components are not fully considered when planning safety, no planning protection layer, the rotating part of the exposed. Then there is a high probability that the workers’ hands, or perhaps clothing stranded into the equipment, and then constitute damage.

Second, the pressure machinery pressure parts may constitute a danger, the general common punching machine, crusher, molding machine, shear bed, etc. are classified as pressure machinery, because most of this equipment requires manual operation. And personnel operation can not avoid due to personnel fatigue or mood swings constitute human error, so it is also very easy to produce injury accidents. High precision mold

Thirdly, the danger from the machine tool is also a danger, because the machine tool is mostly high-speed cutting machinery, so its danger is very big, tool, splash, the operator stands inappropriate position leading to banging and other elements may lead to personal injury accidents.

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