Notes and quality requirements for large parts machining

Large parts machining in the operation, need to use the corresponding processing method to process the mechanical parts, so that its shape, size and nature are in line with the corresponding standards, mainly including rough machining, finishing, assembly, inspection and packaging process, as long as we ensure that each processing process.

1, large parts in the machining before work should wear protective equipment, gloves and scarves are forbidden, before the machine start must understand the use of each handle and operation method, check the machine parts of the normal operation, must use a wrench to clamp the tool and the workpiece before the machine start.

Large parts machining is not allowed to start the machine without the permission of the person who knows it. Before the machine is started, it is not allowed to change speed, clean chips or measure size, or touch the running parts.

3, large parts machining in the work if the object is found to be loose or abnormal equipment when the need to stop immediately, after the operation, should clean up the tools and clean the machine working site, do not put the tool, the workpiece and other items on the machine workbench surface.

4, large parts machining in the work is not allowed to use the hand to touch the tool, the workpiece and other moving parts, is not allowed to lean on the machine so as to avoid other accidents, two people operate a machine at the same time, to clear division of labor, closely cooperate.

More than 30% of gear transmission noise comes from burrs and bumps. In some factories, the removal of burrs and bumps before gearbox assembly is a passive approach to prepare the organization for handling.

It should be noted that in normalizing or tempering treatment, we must keep the furnace temperature uniform, as well as the use of station appliances, so that the workpiece evenly heating and cooling, it is strictly prohibited to stack together.

Control the quality of raw materials. Its purpose is to adjust the deformation of heat treatment in time and improve the quality of tooth shape machining. The company has a strict quality control system, including re-inspection of raw materials, production process control, product inspection and so on.

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