Problems to be considered in the process of medical appearance design

As we all know, the processing of medical components is mainly used for medical treatment. Most people may think that the appearance of medical products is not a very important part, but in fact, from the company’s medical product design experience, we know that the medical appearance design is also a very important part.

Product shape design, material materials, manufacturing process are the key factors related to the appearance design and processing of medical products. The molding design of the case of medical products should be in line with ergonomics, and meet the requirements of the structure design of medical products. On the basis of ensuring the establishment of the function of medical products, it should be novel, simple and beautiful, and achieve ideal visual effects. In addition, the molding design of the case of medical products should not be too complex, and the difficulty of manufacturing should be minimized to make it easy to produce.

The material selection of the case of medical products is very particular, and appropriate materials should be selected according to the actual needs of medical products. The selection of materials should be based on the physical and chemical properties of materials. These properties will affect the selection of manufacturing process. Because of the mutual influence in the bearability, formability, machinability, connection, heat treatment and surface treatment. In most cases, any one of a variety of materials and processes can be used to produce a medical product that meets the requirements, and the manufacturability of medical products can be greatly improved by identifying alternative materials and processes through predictive analysis of “bottlenecks” caused by material shortages or insufficient available processes.

In the process of medical appearance design and processing, the cost budget of medical products should not be considered. The high cost will cause great pressure to the company, and may also have a bad impact on the market competitiveness of medical products, which is not conducive to promoting the market sales of medical products. Therefore, the cost of the shell design and processing of medical products should be strictly controlled, and the appropriate program should be selected within the scope of the budget, instead of ignoring the cost and the appearance.

Naturally, there are many problems in the processing of medical appearance design. Different medical products, the design and processing of the casing is also different. This requires designers according to the actual situation, combined with various factors to consider all aspects of the factors, choose a reasonable design, thoroughly solve a variety of problems in the design, to ensure the efficiency and quality of the design and production of the processing shell of medical components.

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