Research on the design of 5-axis CNC machining programs

 The programming regulations of CNC machining require not only the calculation of linear motion, but also the coordination of the stroke inspection of its rotation angle, the rotational motion of props or the error checking of non-linearity and other calculations related to it according to the production needs, and the traditional manual programming has certain difficulties for the preparation of these abstract or very arithmetic programs.

The first step of automated programming is the pre-processing, the second step is to generate the CNC machining tool trajectory, and accordingly generate the G-code program.

Generate G-code program needs to exclude G instructions, not only that, a large number of values make up the CNC machine tool coordinate values of each axis, and coordinate values that tool trajectory points with the corresponding coordinate system value of the machining program. During the machining process of the CNC machine, the CNC machine will determine the automatic tool trajectory according to the position of the coordinate values, so as to achieve accurate workpiece machining.

What are the characteristics of plane milling? What should I pay attention to in plane milling with a CNC milling machine?

The trajectory generated by the 5-axis tool during machining

  Analyzing the human head model surface, the curvature has a wide range of variation. Three and four axes are usually the traditional way of tool trajectory, but they cannot meet the machining needs of complex surfaces. The trajectory of the three-axis tool in the pre-processing stage requires only one clamping restriction, and the surface of the three-axis tool is met during processing.

First, the five-axis linkage tool trajectory formation method, the prototype is the shape of the human head, the head according to the curvature of the surface changes as well as changes in the sharp trend, selective variable axis of the surface contour milling tool trajectory generation function.

The function of variable axis surface contour milling is mainly in the form of drive trajectory of drive surface, drive point or drive line, and the drive point is projected onto the machined surface using special mathematical relationship method, and then the tool motion path is generated according to the change law of the variable axis surface.

Second, the drive generation method, UG software for five-axis CNC machining contains many drive methods, drive methods and the surface shape of the part being machined and the complexity of the drive method are directly related.

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