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New development of magnesium alloy materials and processing technology

Magnesium alloy is one of the lightest engineering metal materials, with good specific strength, specific stiffness and other properties. It is especially suitable for manufacturing engineering structural parts with light weight, high strength, shock and noise reduction requirements and shell parts with certain strength requirements. As a big country of magnesium resources, how to utilize the advantages of magnesium resources has attracted more and more people of insight in China. With the development of magnesium alloy and its related technologies, the application of magnesium alloy in various fields in China …

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What is CNC magnesium

Al-mg alloy usually refers to the aluminum alloy with magnesium as the main additive element, which has the advantages of high strength, low density and good heat dissipation. It is used for the reprocessing of building materials, such as titanium-magnesium alloy aluminum doors, titanium-magnesium alloy decorative door and window flowers, and titanium-magnesium alloy steel doors, which are widely used in electronics, automobiles, aerospace and other fields. features Ti – Mg alloy has high strength and low density, good mechanical properties, toughness and corrosion resistance. In addition: titanium alloy process performance …

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Plastic processing technology of magnesium alloy

The plastic processing of the deformed magnesium alloy is roughly the same as that of the deformed aluminum alloy, but the magnesium alloy is generally heated, and the ingot can be heated in a similar way to that of the aluminum alloy. The ingot must not be in direct contact with the flame, otherwise it will burn and cause a catastrophic fire which is not easy to control. It is best to remove the mechanical burr on the ingot so as not to cause fire. Usually, the box-type resistance furnace …

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