precision mould parts

Machining process of precision mould parts

Grinding of precision mould parts Electro machining control Surface treatment and assembly A mold is made of many precision mould parts for heat treatment In the heat treatment precision mould parts, while making the parts obtain the required hardness, it is also necessary to control the internal stress to ensure the dimensional stability of parts during processing. Different materials have different treatment methods. With the development of the die industry in recent years, the variety of materials used has increased. For some male and female dies with high working strength and severe stress, new …

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How precision mould parts are processed

Processing reservation principle Processing accuracy requirements for precision mould parts Machining principle of CNC precision mold parts Processing reservation principle 1. For workpieces requiring heat treatment, 0.25mm grinding machine allowance shall be added on one side of the overall material preparation size before heat treatment; 2. For the part of the mold core and insert that needs CNC rough machining, 0.2mm allowance shall be reserved on one side; 3. One side allowance of 0.3-0.5mm shall be reserved for rough milling of the contour by bench milling machine. For workpieces to be …

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