What does the CNC do for metal parts in the metal processing factory

CNC is a highly electromechanical integration of products, is composed of mechanical equipment and numerical control system for processing complex shape of the workpiece of high efficiency automatic machine tools.

CNC machine tool library, with automatic tool change function, workpiece once clamping can be processed in multiple processes.

The process involved in the processing of metal parts


This is a form of CNC metalworking that involves the use of lathes and cutting tools to remove unwanted metal material from rotating parts. CNC turning is the ideal choice for making cylindrical parts.


Milling operations involve the use of a multi-point rotary tool to remove material from the workpiece. The characteristics of the milling process include cavity, groove, plane, complex profile and chamfer.


Drilling creates a round hole in the workpiece. A drill or tapping machine is designed for drilling holes, but a milling machine can also be used to perform the process. Boring process involves enlarging existing casting or drilling holes; Ream holes are used to expand previously drilled holes to very precise diameters.

What is the difference between a CNC machine and a normal machine?
What is the difference between a CNC machine and a normal machine?

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