What is a machinery manufacturing enterprise

Machinery manufacturing enterprises refer to those engaged in all kinds of power machinery, lifting and transportation machinery, agricultural machinery, metallurgical and mining machinery, chemical machinery textile machinery, machine tools, tools, instruments, meters and other machine machinery equipment and other production of industrial sectors. Machinery manufacturing industry for the entire national economy, and its development level is one of the main signs of the country’s industrialization. The level of its development is one of the main signs of the country’s industrialization.

Machinery manufacturing companies

The production process of mechanical products generally includes.

(1) production and technical preparation such as process design and special process equipment design and manufacturing, production planning, preparation of production data, etc.
(2) the manufacture of blanks such as casting, forging, stamping, etc.
(3) the processing of parts cutting, heat treatment, surface treatment processing, heat treatment, surface treatment, etc.
(4)Product assembly such as assembly, part assembly, commissioning inspection and
Painting, etc.
(5) the production of services such as raw materials, purchased parts and tools

Machinery manufacturing companies

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