What is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is a kind of high strength and modulus of high temperature resistant fiber, as the high-end variety of chemical fiber. It is made mostly of carbon atoms and is about 5-10 microns in diameter.

To produce carbon fiber, the carbon atoms are bonded together in the crystal, and the long axes of the fibers arranged in parallel give the carbon fiber a fairly high strength-to-volume ratio.

Thousands of carbon fibers are bunched together to form a bundle that can be used alone or woven into a fabric.

Carbon fiber’s properties, such as high hardness, high strength, light weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and low thermal expansion, make it popular in aerospace engineering, civil engineering, military, racing and other competitive sports products

Carbon fiber is quite expensive.

Carbon fibers are often combined with other materials to form composites.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymers that have a very high strength-to-weight ratio when mixed with plastic resins and wound or molded.

Knowledge about the problems to be paid attention to in CNC machining of carbon fiber composites

At present, carbon fiber composites are mostly composites based on resin. The hardness and strength of the resin after curing are not very great. It’s not that hard to process.

However, a problem in the process of processing is that the superheated temperature in the process of processing will make the resin soften and even burn. This can cause irreparable damage to the entire carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is characterized by very high tensile strength and hardness.

But it is easier to cut off when subjected to shear stress. This requires taking into account the complex relationship between cutting force and deformation during machining.

In the processing of complex and precise carbon fiber structural parts. In order to avoid oil pollution and other effects on the parts. Dry cutting without coolant is often required.

Such parts are of complex shape. Fiber layering is varied and the overall strength and hardness are very high. Processing will produce very necessary temperature, not only processed parts are easy to soften and burn. The loss of machining tools is also very serious. Because such carbon fiber products often have extremely high precision requirements.

So in the processing of such products need to choose red wear-resistant, heat-resistant non-stick processing tools.

In the process of processing carbon fiber composites. The front Angle of the machining tool should be selected with appropriate small value. This will effectively dissipate heat and increase the intensity of the cutting edge.

cnc tooling big inventory, cnc tooling management on the importance of business do you know?
CNC tooling big inventory, CNC tooling management on the importance of business do you know?

But it can’t be too small without too much edge. For this kind of high toughness and strength of the material can not be effectively processed, in order to reduce the wear of the tool, the knife back Angle choose large value.

CVD diamond tool is the best tool for CNC machining of carbon fiber composites. Because it has the best wear resistance. The cut is smooth. The best quality. There will be serious loss of alloy cutting tools during machining. And it’s easy to burn the product.

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