What is CNC hardware precision part making process technology

1 .CNC processing process line has great variability, a part or product can have a variety of technology, the production process required mechanical equipment and fixture fixture types are diverse.

2. Hardware manufacturing enterprises are mainly scattered processing, product quality and production efficiency depend on the technical strength of workers, and the key level of automation technology is at the module level, such as CNC lathe flexible manufacturing.

3. The product parts and components are generally selected to be closely combined with the entrusted processing. For example, electroplating process. Sand blasting treatment. Air oxidation. Screen printing ink laser marking and other unique processes will be authorized to entrust outside manufacturers processing.

4. There are many necessary parts. The workshop usually needs to fill in a lot of warehouse entry forms and see the production and manufacturing forms of “one shape” on the spot.

What are the technologies ofprecision precision part making process

(1) Precision cutting technology. Under normal circumstances, precision cutting technology is directly using the cutting way to get high accuracy, so the cutting products put forward better requirements. For example, it must meet the requirements of high precision surface roughness.

But it is worth noting that if we want to use cutting methods to obtain high precision and high level of surface roughness, we should actively exclude the influence of machine tools, tools, workpiece and external factors. For example, in order to continuously improve the machining accuracy and accuracy of the machine tool, it is necessary to choose a machine tool with high stiffness, small thermal deformation degree and good vibration resistance.

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(2) ultra-precision grinding technology. In order to process the silicon wafer with the surface roughness of 1~2mm, the silicon wafer is abrasived and polished with atomic grade. The traditional machining methods such as grinding, grinding and polishing can not meet the needs of the work.

Therefore, we must analyze and study the new principles and methods in depth. It is in this development background that ultra-precision grinding technology arises at the historic moment and plays an increasingly important role in mechanical precision technicians.

The connection and characteristics of modern machinery manufacturing technology andprecision part making process

The correlation between modern machinery manufacturing technology and precision machining technology. In terms of manufacturing technology, modern machinery manufacturing technology and precision machining technology are involved in many aspects of the machinery industry, such as manufacturing engineering, product design and development, product process design, processing and manufacturing, product sales, etc. 

Once problems occur in these links, they will directly affect the whole engineering chain. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the correlation between modern machinery manufacturing industry and precision machining technology, so as to truly promote the progress and development of mechanical technology. 

Therefore, in concrete practice, we must fully combine modern mechanical technology and precision machining technology to promote mechanical progress and realize the rapid development and progress of technology.

The systematization of modern machinery manufacturing technology and precision machining technology. Modern machinery manufacturing production is a relatively complex system engineering, in the use of modern machinery manufacturing process and precision machining technology, such as product design, production and sales process, will involve computer information technology, modern sensing technology, production automation technology and many other technologies.

In addition, there may be a need to apply new processes, new materials, new management methods, etc. 

Therefore, on the whole, the manufacturing technology of the machinery industry is inseparable from the comprehensive application of a variety of modern advanced science and technology, which makes the modern machinery manufacturing process and precision machining technology has a larger system.

Understanding CNC machining tolerances
Understanding CNC machining tolerances

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