What is the difference between lathe parts and milling parts


Is the workpiece to do rotary motion, the tool to do feed motion, that is, straight line or curve translation motion, do not rotate. Suitable for processing round surface.


It is the cutting of a metal workpiece with a circular multi-edge tool that can rotate,

It is one of the main methods of plane processing. The tool is often rotated, the workpiece is fixed (the workpiece can be realized with the movement of the table feed movement, that is, straight line or curve translation movement).

The cutter teeth of milling cutter participate in intermittent cutting periodically, and the cutting thickness of each cutter teeth changes in the cutting process.


Lathes are mainly used to process shafts, discs, sleeves and other workpieces with rotating surfaces. They are the most widely used machine tools in machinery manufacturing and repair factories.

Car parts and milling parts are cold processing methods of metal parts, commonly known as turning processing and milling processing, the specific differences are as follows.

Different cutting principles

Turning processing, is the use of the workpiece’s rotating motion and the linear or curved motion of the tool to change the shape and size of the blank parts, the processing of it to meet the requirements of the drawings.

The milling process is to fix the blank parts, through the high-speed rotating milling cutter on the blank parts to cut out the required shape and features.

processing objects are different

Turning processing, mainly for the processing of circular rotary parts. Milling processing, the main contours of the shape of the more complex direction, surface and irregular shape of the parts processing.

Different processing equipment is used

The equipment used for turning processing is the lathe. The parts are clamped on the spindle of the lathe through the three-grip chuck or special fixture. The spindle rotates at a high speed, and then the turning tool is used to cut out the products according to the busbar of the rotating parts.

CNC Machining Plastic

And milling processing equipment is milling machine or machining center, the parts are fixed on the milling machine or machining center workbench fixture, through the high-speed rotation of the milling cutter and machine workbench guide rail mutual motion, cut out the required parts shape and features.

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