What is the electroplating process of plastic ABS?

We often hear about metal plating, but what is plastic plating? Due to its structural advantages, ABS plastic not only has excellent comprehensive performance, easy to handle and shape, but the surface of the material is easy to corroded and get higher coating adhesion.

Plastic electroplated products compared to normal metal parts

Compared with normal metal parts, plastic electroplating products can not only achieve good metal texture, but also reduce the weight of the product. While effectively improving the appearance and decoration of plastic products, it also improves their electrical, thermal and corrosion resistance, thus increasing the strength and stability of their mechanical surfaces.

The selection of electroplating plastic materials should consider the machining performance, electroplating difficulty, dimensional accuracy and other factors.

Influencing factors of surface roughness of CNC machining

Overview of material electroplating process

Plastic electroplating products have the characteristics of plastic and metal. It has low gravity, good corrosion resistance, simple molding, metallic luster and metallic texture, as well as electrical conductivity, permeability and welding characteristics.

It can save complex machining procedures, save metal materials, beautiful and decorative. It also increases the mechanical strength of the plastic.

Why do most use metal coatings

Because the metal coating has high stability of external factors, such as light, atmosphere, etc., after the plastic gold metal, it can prevent the aging of plastic and extend the service life of plastic products.

With the rapid development of industry and the application of plastic electroplating, it has become one of the important means of surface decoration of plastic products.

Abs electroplating Principle

As ABS plastics do not conduct electricity, metal/alloys cannot be directly plated on their surface. Therefore, electroless plating is required before electroplating.

Abs precision machining after coarsening, sensitization, reduction, accelerated degumming, will form a thin layer of precious metal film on the surface of the object.

This layer of precious metal film can play an active catalytic role, also called catalytic film; It can accelerate the reduction reaction of electroless plating.

It has been proved that precious metals such as silver and palladium have this catalytic ability, which makes the electroless plating process smoother.

A comprehensive overview of CNC machining centres
A comprehensive overview of CNC machining centres

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