What is the place of CNC machining in the manufacturing industry

With the development of science and technology productivity progress, manufacturing technology has undergone considerable changes, the product structure is increasingly complex streamlined and reasonable. Its processing requirements accuracy and efficiency continue to improve, CNC machining industry technology has also continued to improve.

Previously in the manufacturing products, precision parts and small batch parts accounted for the majority, due to the variety of such products, high precision requirements, the general choice of ordinary machine tool processing, but it is difficult to ensure product quality.

In order to solve the mass production efficiency, precision and other requirements, the general use of high precision and high automation CNC machine tools. CNC machining machine tools are composed of input structure, computer numerical control structure, servo system, controlled system.

CNC machine tools can be divided into: ordinary CNC machine tools and CNC machining centres Ordinary CNC machine tools can not achieve full automation, tool change and part clamping still need to be completed manually.

CNC machining centres are CNC machines with their own tool magazines and automatic tool change, which can achieve continuous machining of multiple processes after a single clamping. CNC multi-axis machining centres are rapidly developing in recent years due to the reduction of errors to improve part accuracy and machining efficiency.

CNC machining machine tools can solve single-piece small batch production as well as automated processing of complex parts. CNC machining is an advanced processing technology in the manufacturing industry, which brings long-term changes to the product structure of the manufacturing industry, production methods, which allows the manufacturing industry to achieve automation and integrated production.

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