Analysis of the application of magnesium alloy in automotive parts

The application of magnesium alloy in the automotive wheel hub
The car wheel hub is an important part of the car tire, its axle as the center, to support the tire cylindrical metal components, in a new way to connect the brake disc, wheel and half-axle, so that the overall body quality can be improved, reduce the heat of its tires, enhance the original power construction of the car.

As the internal billet stress area changes with the progress of forging and forming, the stress in the window area of the wheel is large, and the rounded corners of the window area are easy to produce forming defects, and the temperature is distributed regionally, with high temperature in the middle undulation and low temperature in the periphery.

Magnesium alloy in the application of automotive engines

The engine is the original power parts in the car, which is closely related to the power and environmental protection of the car, the magnesium alloy with excellent performance can be applied to many parts of the engine, which makes the engine weight reduction seriously, significantly reduces the engine vibration and noise, and strengthens the life cycle of the machine and equipment.

When dealing with the application in the automotive engine, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of its internal body is improved so that it conforms to the relevant standards set by China and improves the actual efficiency of the vehicle operation.

Simply following the regulations and neglecting the dimensions and tolerances of the fixed engine brings trouble to the subsequent results of the use of the tires. In the material design, it is also necessary to choose the correct structural material, not by increasing the wall thickness of the material, etc. to enhance the quality control effect of the material.

The application of magnesium alloy in the car body

The body is an important supporting skeleton design of the car, which can create a suitable environment for the driver and passengers to ride, reduce the influence of the external environment, improve the effect of vibration in the process of driving, reduce the noise and exhaust gas invasion situation.

Magnesium alloy in the application of automotive bracket parts

The bracket type parts on the car can effectively support other parts, the use of magnesium alloy production bracket type parts, not only can reduce the total weight of the bracket, but also to reduce the vibration of the car when running.

The different load of the vehicle will bracket class parts production process for innovation and optimization, gradually adjust the bracket class parts positioning mechanism.

The sliding friction between the brake shoes and the brake drum must be increased when the car is slowed down due to excessive speed. In this regard, the actual situation must be improved according to the car for the shoes and brake drum friction, enhance its hot line energy processing.

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