Magnesium alloy production and its automotive parts application technology

With the rapid development of China’s economy, China is paying more and more attention to the existing professional magnesium alloy production and its auto parts application management. Magnesium alloy has unique advantages in parts’ accessories manufacturing and other aspects, not only can reduce the weight of auto parts, but also can enhance the safety performance of auto operation.

Lightweighting and energy saving

Magnesium alloy material is mainly used in the production of automotive parts, can reduce the mass of the car as well as the weight of the car to a certain extent, to improve the economy of car operation, its actual weight reduction effect is far better than other metal materials.

The actual weight reduction effect is far better than that of other metal materials. The consumption of gasoline in automobiles is also less than that of other alloy materials, which can play a role in environmental protection and energy saving, and fundamentally increase the proportion of alloy components in automobiles and improve the overall lightness of automobiles.

As the car runs more reliably, the failure rate of the car on the road is reduced, which also indirectly improves the subsequent scrapping rate of the car and enhances its actual utility. The use of this alloy material has been extended beyond its application areas to different needs due to its lightweight advantages.

Safety and ease of handling

Magnesium alloy material vibration damping performance number, the ability to withstand the load is large, when subjected to external impact, its basic alloy material impact force is much higher than other alloy metal materials, also can reduce the artificial fatigue caused by vibration and noise and other factors on a certain basis, vibration and pressure reduction.

Its use of magnesium alloy production of automotive seats, steering wheel and other parts, not only has the mass reduction also has the ability to suppress vibration, the external noise reduction has a significant effect.

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Abundant resources and low cost

The content of magnesium in the earth’s crust is high, its resources are abundant, and because it is a renewable resource, its basic mechanical properties change little, can be assembled in the alloy castings can be multi-part castings at the same time.

In this way, it can improve the production efficiency of subsequent parts, reduce assembly errors and production costs, reduce energy consumption, and in its low melting costs.

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