Magnesium alloy powder will explode, magnesium alloy processing is easy to fire safety, need to pay attention to what?

In recent years, through a large number of production practices, people have gradually out of the traditional misunderstanding. In fact, the theoretical existence of the danger, in practice can not be generalized, in fact the magnesium block solid is quite safe, will not burn and explode.

Even the magnesium block directly to the flame heating and burning, will not cause the burning of magnesium. Even if the magnesium block is ignited, as long as the flame will be withdrawn, the magnesium block will be quickly dissipated because of heat, the temperature drops below the ignition point, the flame will automatically extinguish.

Magnesium block has a large heat capacity, rapid heat dissipation, high ignition point characteristics. Magnesium block burning must be the first solid magnesium block heated to 650 ℃, solid magnesium block melting and then the liquid magnesium continue to heat to 100 ℃, then there will be magnesium vapor escape, the gas of magnesium only has a very strong burning and explosion hazard.

Magnesium alloy powder will explode?

But the magnesium dust, debris, light material does also have a certain combustion and explosion hazards. It is generally believed that: when the concentration of magnesium dust in the air reaches 20 mg / L. may cause an explosion; direct heating of magnesium dust to 340-560 ℃ may also cause the burning of magnesium dust.

Magnesium alloy production in the die-casting industry burning, explosion accidents are also often caused by magnesium dust, debris, light material.

Due to the magnesium dust, debris, light material good thermal conductivity, heat accumulation fast, and between each other can not fully dissipate heat, as well as their large surface area, and oxygen contact fully, once the magnesium dust meets the spark, spark, flame will lead to rapid combustion and explosion.

What is the key to the safe production of magnesium alloy?

So whether we can ensure the safety of magnesium alloy production, the key is whether the magnesium dust, debris, light material can be effectively managed and controlled.

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