Analysis of the causes of errors in CNC machining

Analysis of the causes of errors in CNC machining

CNC machining is active in various fields, whether you are aerospace, medical, automotive, intelligent equipment or everyday supplies and other industries need the participation of CNC machining, but the use of CNC machining are heavy equipment, a slight inadvertence may cause serious consequences, so what are the causes of mechanical machining errors?

1, human causes

(1) inattention: when the operator’s attention is not focused, it may cause unnecessary errors, and in serious cases can damage the machine or even endanger life safety.

(2) misunderstanding: operators do not understand the processing chart file thoroughly, which can easily cause processing errors.

(3) novice errors: novice operators due to lack of experience, easy to cause mechanical processing errors.

(4) Accidental errors: certain non-normal circumstances caused by mechanical processing errors, such as processing equipment parts failure, tooling fixtures off during processing, etc.

(5) intentional errors: operators due to some personal reasons and caused by human error, which caused the impact is very bad.

2、Programming errors

(1) Coordinate setting bottom is 0, but the actual processing with top is 0.

(2) The safety height is too low, resulting in the tool not being able to lift out the workpiece completely.

(3) The second roughing allowance is less than the previous tool.

(4) The path of the program should be analysed and checked after the program is written.

3、Mistake in the program sheet remarks

(1) The number of single-sided touch is written as four-sided division.

(2) The vise clamping distance or workpiece projection distance is incorrectly marked.

(3) The tool protrusion length is not detailed or incorrectly noted, resulting in a collision of tools.

(4) The program sheet should be as detailed as possible.

(5) The principle of replacing the old with the new should be used when setting up a change in the program sheet: the old program sheet should be destroyed.

4、Inaccurate tool measurement

(1) The tool setting data input does not take into account the tool setting bar.

(2) Tool loading is too short.

(3) Tool measurement to use scientific methods, as far as possible with more accurate instruments.

(4) The tool loading length should be 2-5mm longer than the actual depth.

5、Program transmission error

(1) The program number is called incorrectly or the program has been modified, but the old program is still used for processing.

(2) The on-site machinist must check the detailed data of the program before processing.

In CNC machining due to human reasons or machine tool causes easily cause the tool or tool holder to hit the workpiece or machine tool, the lighter will crash the tool and the parts being processed, the heavier will damage the machine tool components, so that the machine tool processing accuracy loss, and even cause personal safety accidents. Therefore, before carrying out CNC machining familiar with the causes of CNC machining errors can help reduce the occurrence of errors, help reduce CNC machining accidents and improve the safety rate of CNC machining.

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