Analysis on the influence of machining on precision in parts processing

In recent years, a variety of advanced technologies and high-tech equipment continue to emerge, are widely used in various fields of society, greatly changed people’s life and production mode, promote the improvement of social productivity.

As for the machinery manufacturing industry, the application of new equipment and new technology in machining has greatly improved the production efficiency.

However, due to the existence of errors in the machining process, the quality of products is difficult to be guaranteed, especially in the parts processing accuracy is the most obvious and outstanding, which seriously hinders the improvement of the manufacturing and processing level of enterprises.

Factors affecting machining accuracy of parts by machining technology

Mechanical structure error in modern machining, mechanical equipment occupies an important position. The reason why we say this is because the quality of mechanical equipment and performance have a direct impact on the accuracy and quality of actual processing. If the mechanical equipment is designed and produced.

Unreasonable design and parameters cannot meet the requirements of relevant standards will lead to certain defects of the equipment itself. After this kind of defective equipment is put into use, the parts processed will inevitably have errors in accuracy.

Some machining tools, fixtures, machine tools, etc., before processing parts due to the failure to install specifications, will also lead to the existence of errors.

About the cutter

There are errors in the tool and fixture. In the machining of parts, it is often necessary to choose the corresponding tool and fixture according to the different parts materials.

Tool is different, its Angle, material, sharpness, size is also different, is bound to affect the accuracy of parts. Such as turning tool, boring tool, planer, single blade knife will not have much impact, but broach, slot milling cutter and other tools with clear size standards, if its size, shape and the parts to be processed do not match, it will inevitably make the dimensional accuracy of parts, shape and so on affected.

The forming cutter and milling cutter will affect the geometric accuracy of the surface of parts. In addition, there are machine tool spindle, its rotary motion precision and the position of the tool, parts have a direct relationship.

Theoretically speaking, the spindle rotation axis line is basically fixed, under the influence of certain heat, its position will change, which will affect the spindle deflection, the roundness of the journal, and the rotation error will also be produced.

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