High speed grinding and ultra-high speed grinding are common in precision parts machining

With the further increase of people’s machining requirements for precision machinery parts and the further development of grinding technology, a kind of ultra-high speed machining technology has appeared. The linear speed of grinding wheel is greater than 150m/s, while the speed of high-speed grinding is only 45m/s.

Therefore, ultra-high speed grinding is more able to process parts with high precision. These two kinds of processing technology are indispensable parts of precision machine parts processing and play an important role in the surface treatment of precision parts processing.

The common characteristics of high speed grinding and ultra-high speed grinding are

High production efficiency, long service life of grinding wheel, high machining precision, low grinding temperature and small grinding force, so that precision mechanical parts processing force deformation is small.

In precision machining enterprises, it can also significantly shorten the processing time and improve the production efficiency. Auto parts processing is a precise work, which requires high performance of processing equipment.

Because of the remarkable characteristics of the above aspects, ultra-high speed grinding is adapted to the practical needs of automobile parts processing, so in the automobile parts processing, ultra-high speed grinding is more and more widely used.

Common precision parts processing methods and characteristics

Abrasive belt grinding

It is used to process the workpiece with the blended cloth with adhesive abrasives. It belongs to the category of coated abrasives grinding. It has the characteristics of high productivity, good surface quality and wide application range.

Precision cutting

Also known as diamond tool cutting, cutting with high precision machine tools and single crystal diamond tools, mainly used in the precision processing of soft metals such as copper and aluminum that are not suitable for grinding.

Such as computer magnetic drum, disk and metal reflector with high power laser, higher than the general cutting accuracy of 1~2 grades.

But many factors affect the effect of precision cutting, so it is not easy to achieve the desired effect. At the same time, diamond tool wear faster when cutting hard materials, such as black metal wear speed 104 times faster than that of copper, and the workpiece surface roughness and geometric accuracy are not ideal.

Ultra-precision grinding

However, after grinding, the metallographic structure of the machined surface will change under the action of grinding force and grinding heat, which is easy to produce work hardening, quenching hardening, thermal stress layer, residual stress layer and grinding cracks and other defects.

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