How relevant is the development of precision casting and the automotive industry?

Precision casting is an important part of the automotive industry chain. About 20% of the spare parts in the manufacturing of a whole car belong to casting parts, as a downstream industry in the automotive industry chain, precision casting mainly provides cylinder blocks and pipes for various major systems.

For example, engine and transmission blocks, intake manifolds and exhaust manifolds, etc.. Of course many precision casting companies are not all to be linked to the automotive industry, now many industries also need casting parts.

As an example

At present, domestic cars, especially SUV models occupy a significant share of car sales, and SUV sales list, many models are domestic cars, and these models are not a car company package, there is Haval also Changan, Geely.

And the distribution of these car companies geographically different, and can make the development of the precision casting industry to show uniformity, will not let the technology is concentrated in a certain area, so the development of precision casting geographically is not greatly restricted, even if it is linked to the car.

What are the problems of the precision casting industry?


The problem of cracking, which will affect the quality of the product, the lack of basic technology and high-end technology will make the appearance of casting parts, life is greatly affected, although some casting parts are not unusable, but the long-term roughness of industrial development, will limit the competitiveness of precision casting devices.


the industry share of the problem, many companies may have redundancy in ordinary casting parts, but high precision castings are not made, and even rely on imports. This puts forward new requirements for the training of practitioners, if they can not keep pace with the times, can not learn to introduce new technologies, the industry will lose fresh blood.

Third, many companies are taking the design drawings of others to substitute processing, which largely makes a business lose the “imagination”, no innovative thinking of enterprises, in the future will only face the fate of being eliminated.

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