The impact of machining process on the accuracy of automotive parts

Car parts precision is one of the key factors affecting the overall quality and performance of the car, but also one of the indicators to measure the level of automotive parts processing technology.

Process connotation

Machining process refers to the use of processing technology, processing equipment, processing tools to change the size of processed products, geometry, product properties, so that the processed products to meet the needs of other enterprises, equipment, customer use.

Auto parts machining is according to the automotive manufacturing needs of processing in line with the specification standards, performance standards, size standards, quality standards can constitute the overall automotive unit products required, for precision has strict requirements, and strive to achieve the perfect match between parts in the process of automotive assembly.

The machining accuracy of auto parts refers to the degree of conformity between the actual geometric parameters such as size, position, shape and ideal geometric parameters after machining of the parts, and the higher the degree of conformity, the higher the accuracy.

Machining process using technical means and equipment to produce mechanical products to meet market demand is the basic method for enterprises to achieve economic benefits and bring into play the value of the use of resources.

From the perspective of achieving economic benefits of enterprises, the vast majority of manufacturing and processing enterprises in China currently save development costs through cost management, and processing as the production of a large number of costs to occupy the development of enterprises, the realization of high-level processing technology is the core of cost reduction.

Therefore, the machining process is vital to the production and processing enterprises, and the continuous improvement of the process level is the unremitting pursuit of every enterprise.

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