Application of tool length compensation in CNC machining center

CNC machining center is a kind of comprehensive processing ability of strong equipment, CNC machining center is set up with a tool library and automatic tool change device, in the process of processing by the program automatic selection and tool change.

Because the CNC machining center is commonly used to process the shape of complex, more procedures, higher precision requirements, need to use a variety of types of ordinary machine tools and many tools, fixtures and after multiple clamping and adjustment to complete the parts.

Thus processing a part with a dozen tools or even more, because the length of each tool is different tool compensation is a very important numerical control function, can make in the preparation of parts processing program, do not have to consider the actual length of the tool. Instead of programming directly.

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The basic principle of

CNC milling machine or CNC machining center of the main processing characteristics is to make the workpiece in a clamping in the continuous completion of the processing of multiple processes. In the multi-process processing, will call many different tools, some of these tools are different lengths, so in the programming, these lengths of different tools in the Z direction of the actual coordinate value relative to the workpiece coordinate system zero will be different, in the CNC machine tool should be relative to the workpiece set a reference position.

The size of the tool with respect to the workpiece reference for tools of different lengths is called tool length compensation. After the tool length compensation instruction is used in the programming program, when the tool is worn, it is only necessary to modify the length compensation value in the corresponding tool length compensation number, without modifying the program, which improves the work efficiency and ensures the safe operation of the program.

Tool length compensation value as compensation data should be easy to set and modify at any time, these Settings and modifications should not produce any change in the processing program, so in the program, different serial number of the tool will have the corresponding tool length compensation number. Each tool corresponds to a tool compensation number, once set, even if the machine will not be lost after power.

Measurement of tool length

Commonly used tool length measurement has two methods, that is, the reference tool to the tool method and the reference workpiece to the tool method. The two methods are the same in principle, but they are based on different datums.

5-AXIS CNC Machining

  • Tolerance: ±0.005mm
  • Maximum size: 2000*1300*800mm
  • Quantity: 2 set

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