Research on Machining method of inner spiral Groove parts on turning-milling compound machine tool

For inner helix groove parts for internal structure is complex, process cannot monitoring, precision demand is high due to the characteristics of nc programming and machining is difficult, this paper proposes a new processing technology and processing method, and designed a special jig, developed a kind of special milling spiral groove inside power head, successfully solves the problem of inner helix groove processing.

Through the production practice in the factory, the processing technology and the special milling inner spiral groove power head can solve the difficult machining characteristics of the inner spiral groove parts on the CNC lathe, and improve the production efficiency of the parts.

Analysis of processing technology

The use of welded aluminum soft claw clamping, so that all parts of the work step can be completed on the machine. Because of the internal spiral groove, so can not be completed in the ordinary CNC lathe, the need to use a power head of the turn-milling compound machine tool, considering the complexity of the parts and the shape and position tolerance requirements are relatively high, the parts need to be divided into multiple clamping.

The first clamping first rough car parts outer contour and inner hole, leaving finishing allowance.

For the third time, clamp the surface of the inner hole, process all the outer diameter and the surface of the inner hole and the end face, to ensure the shape and position tolerance requirements and precision requirements on the part drawings.

After the parts are processed, remove the workpiece, use a self-made scraper to remove burrs everywhere, and use an air gun to blow clean burrs on the workpiece and cut chips. Then mark the outer diameter of the parts in the center position with a vibrating pen, and finally the parts are treated with natural color anodizing.

Four advantages of precision CNC parts processing
Four advantages of precision CNC parts processing

Determine the clamping mode of parts and tools

Clamping blank vehicle milling compound machine tool hydraulic three jaw chuck clamping, because the clamping diameter is too large, three pieces of cantilever soft claw welding at the outermost end of the three claws, soft claw material made of aluminum alloy, can effectively protect the processed surface from pressure deformation, soft claw hole clamping part is car to 290mm long 20mm, the workpiece is extended 122mm long. The collet pressure cannot be adjusted to too large, too large will lead to deformation of the workpiece, too small will not clamp the workpiece, it is verified that the collet pressure is about 10kg.

What are the processing sequences of precision mold parts?
What are the processing sequences of precision mold parts?

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