Automotive parts processing industry CNC lathes in China and foreign CNC lathes difference

After years of development, domestic CNC lathes have been greatly improved in quality, performance and other aspects, but compared with foreign CNC lathes, there are great differences in performance, quality, design, manufacturing and other aspects, and there are many deficiencies.

(1) There is a large gap in the material, processing precision and processing technology of mechanical parts, and there is also a certain gap in the assembly process.
(2) the spindle and chuck rigidity is poor, the spindle positioning is not good.
(3) The failure rate of rotary tool holder is high. The main reason is that the tool selection system uses ordinary sensors to count the tool position, rather than absolute encoder. The logic of software programming is not strong, resulting in sometimes the rotary tool holder rotating straight and not choosing the tool.
(4) Poor security, software and hardware protection function is not enough.
(5) The precision is not enough, can not reach the user requirements of the index, in the production process processing size is not stable.
(6) The precision of the automatic tool setting device is poor and unstable, and it can hardly be used.
(7) Blade wear fast, high production cost, low efficiency.
Foreign CNC lathe
Foreign CNC lathes design level, or manufacturing level, are higher than domestic CNC lathes.

(1) Mechanical parts material, processing precision, processing technology, assembly technology is better.
(2) There are special standards for software and hardware design, reasonable design specifications, complete accessories, clear and complete labels.

(3) The quality of the components used is good and the failure rate is low.

(4) The application of new technology leads in time; Generally speaking, high precision and reliability, stable performance, low failure rate, suitable for mass production of automobile manufacturing.

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