CNC cutting machine components and parts

The price of CNC cutting machine has been reducing, the reduction of price does not cut the quality, but because the domestic cutting machine technology is increasingly exquisite.
Improve production efficiency, expand the scale of production, but there are many manufacturers, equipment is also a variety, different quality is most reflected in the parts and composition, the basic components are what?

Simply put, CNC cutting machine consists of three parts: machine tool, CNC system, nesting software.

1) Machine tool is the theme of CNC cutting machine, including the pricing part of the beam guide rail, rack and pinion tradition, reducer, servo motor, air system, electrical control cabinet, according to the use of needs to choose automatic raising system, ignition system, cooling system and so on.

Machine tool part of the manufacturing quality and processing accuracy, the selection of key parts, these points determine the function of NC cutting machine configuration, machine life.

It should be mentioned here that although there are many manufacturers, most of them are to buy accessories and assemble themselves.

The hardware configuration of the industrial controller in the numerical control system determines the stability of the CNC cutting machine and the system. The cutting control software in the numerical control system provides various cutting processes and motion control methods needed for cutting.

3)Nesting software is an essential tool for effective use and efficient cutting of NC cutting function. The core functions are: centralized optimization nesting of parts and steel plates, especially the genuine optimization nesting and surplus optimization nesting, to improve the utilization rate of materials; There are programming and cutting efficiency, automatic manual interactive fast nesting, automatic programming and efficient cutting process, the most time saving role.

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