How does 3D laser Cutting machine improve the competitiveness of automobile manufacturing industry

The automobile industry is one of the most applied fields of laser processing, usually laser cutting and laser welding, laser cutting includes plane cutting and three-dimensional cutting, for some high-strength steel structure parts with complex profiles, no matter from the technical point of view or economic point of view, three-dimensional laser cutting is a very effective processing means.

As an advanced manufacturing equipment, laser cutting machine plays an important role in the automobile manufacturing process.

3D laser cutting machine, specially designed for the automotive industry laser cutting machine, with its good stability, high precision, fast speed and other advantages, in the auto parts processing market occupies an important position. There is no need for a large number of manual manufacturing, nor need for experience and high technical manual knife cutting, only need the cooperation of computers and machines can complete the exquisite processing.

Now is the age of science and technology information, three-dimensional laser cutting machine is the product of the age of science and technology, with epoch-making significance, so do not worry too much about whether the advanced equipment is suitable, good to use, the price is favorable, in such a fierce competition in the processing industry, the survival will be the best sexual value of the equipment.

The various fields of automobile manufacturing need to involve laser cutting and laser welding, laser cutting is one of the main laser applications, in Europe and the United States and other developed industrial countries, there are 50%~70% of the auto parts are laser processing to complete, and in the domestic, at present, laser cutting machine in the auto manufacturing, auto parts processing process, The improvement of efficiency and processing quality has achieved remarkable results, and has achieved a huge market effect.

Laser cutting in the process of automobile manufacturing includes sheet metal laser cutting, which is in great demand, and three-dimensional laser cutting system of automobile, involving automobile parts, automobile body, automobile door frame, automobile trunk, automobile roof cover, automobile body design and manufacturing and other aspects.

Three-dimensional laser cutting machine is more and more widely used in the automobile industry, but its core component three-dimensional five-axis cutting head, for reasons of secrecy and technical blockade, foreign companies almost do not sell, so that the current industry market equipment mainly rely on imports pattern, equipment not only high price, and long delivery time.

Using sheet metal laser cutting machine, high precision, small pollution, high efficiency, can save a lot of mold manufacturing costs, low cost, and meet the medium and small batch, large area and outline shape of complex plate cutting.

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