CNC hand board丨What are the advantages of CNC hand board models?

Today’s hand board processing more use CNC hand board processing, CNC hand board processing is a method of cutting off excess material in the whole material with the removal method of processing. In the hand board processing industry, CNC hand board processing is generally for large workpieces, hand board precision and appearance requirements are relatively high hand board parts. So what is the reason for choosing CNC hand board processing? Here are some of the advantages of CNC hand board models.

I. CNC hand board model can process a wide range of materials

Processing materials are ABS, POM, PC, acrylic (transparent materials) stainless steel, aluminum, H62 brass, Q235 iron, etc. For example

1, ABS hand board: temperature resistance: 60-80 ℃ / characteristics: strength, resistance excellent / wide range of applications: electrical appliances, medical, cars and other shell hand board more use this material.

2, PMMA Acrylic hand board: temperature resistance: 60-80 ℃ / characteristics: high transparency / scope of application: electrical appliances LCD shell hand board.

3, POM steel hand plate: temperature resistance: 90-110 ℃ / characteristics: strength, resistance, good hardness / scope of application: mechanical gear, rotating parts hand plate.

Second, CNC hand plate processing applications are widespread

CNC hand plate processing is commonly used in cars, medical, aerospace, planning, small household appliances and computer peripheral products hand plate, but also to make large messy product function test standard parts, such as air conditioning, monitors, audio, medical equipment, motorbikes, car parts and other products.

Three, CNC hand board model also has many advantages

1, CNC hand board model to moderate cost, processing materials, a wide range of applications, to meet different customer requirements for strength, temperature resistance, high resistance, transparency, etc..

2, CNC hand board model surface treatment methods are diversified, such as grinding, spraying grey, spraying paint, polishing, silk screen, electroplating, oxidation, laser engraving, blue, UV, etc., the effect can even be compared with the products produced by the mould.

3, in the appearance, assembly, functional verification, can achieve customer planning verification purposes, to make a can really reflect the customer planning purposes workpiece.

The above is the introduction of the advantages of the existence of CNC hand board model, CNC hand board processing because of the many advantages, has become a modern hand board processing mainstream processing methods, not only applicable to various fields, but also to allow customers to verify the purpose of the optimal effect.

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