CNC machining processes for precision metal parts

For precision parts CNC machining industry sequence is very important, it is the quality assurance of precision parts. If a process is wrong, it will cause greater damage and in serious cases may need to be reworked. So what is the sequence (process)?

The sequential arrangement of CNC machining of precision parts should be considered according to the structure of the part and the gross cultivation, as well as the positioning, parting and fixturing, with the emphasis on the rigidity of the workpiece not being destroyed. Therefore, the milling process of the previous process must not affect the positioning and clamping of the next process, and other CNC machining processes interspersed in between must also be considered.

In the same clamping process, the workpiece should first be arranged in a way that does not damage the rigidity of the workpiece, which can be divided into: cavity shape and surface plane according to the structural characteristics of the precision part. The inner cavity is machined first, then the positioning surface is machined flat, then the surface is machined and the hole is continued. This will reduce the number of tool changes, clamping times, save time and reduce errors. Machining first into simple geometry, low precision roughing, then into complex geometry machining high precision. Perform fine machining.

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