Processes and benefits of 5-axis precision CNC machining

Precision parts processing requires the use of many types of machine tools and equipment, the more common is some three-axis-centred equipment, although such equipment can be processed for general spare parts, but complex parts can not be processed, and five-axis CNC machining can be high-speed processing of complex parts.

1. Five-axis CNC machining cutting effect is good.

Five-axis CNC machining of the centre spindle, the table is not a fixed state, it is the angle of the rotary axis to consider the mobile orientation. It can maintain a stable cutting processing state, so the cutting effect is good.

2. Clamping times reduced to improve the quality of parts

Ordinary CNC processing because the work plane restrictions can not be a clamping, and five-axis CNC processing can be achieved a clamping process, you can process all the surfaces except the bottom of the work platform. Because of this one-time clamping process to reduce processing errors, you can make the workpiece processing accuracy and quality improvement.

3. Shorter completion times

Five-axis machining is a complete machining method, which does not require a step-by-step operation of the task, so it is faster than ordinary CNC to complete the machining task, which can shorten the machining time.

Previously, CNC machines used to machine parts were three-axis machines, which were limited in the range of parts they could machine and were of a lower quality than five-axis CNC machines. Five-axis CNC machining can complete the work of ordinary CNC machining can not be completed, because it can five-axis with the movement and can maintain the stability, the number of clamping and other advantages.

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