CNC processing and maintenance need to consider from which several aspects

With the development of social economy and the progress of science and technology, the automation level of enterprises is constantly improving. As a kind of high precision mechanical equipment, CNC machine tools are applied to the production and manufacturing.

Numerical control machine tools with high precision, high degree of automation, in the modern machinery manufacturing industry plays an irreplaceable role, the application of numerical control machine tools greatly improve the efficiency of parts production, promote the development of modern machinery manufacturing industry.

However, in the long run process of CNC machine tools, it is affected by production environment, power supply voltage, maintenance and other factors.

It is easy to have serious mechanical failure, which affects the normal use and operation of CNC machine tools. Due to the high price of CNC machine tools, and has advanced nature, complexity, high intelligence characteristics.

The maintenance of CNC machine tools requires higher requirements, how to do the maintenance of CNC machine tools.

CNC machine tools in the process of use should be reasonable to choose the work site, choose good and suitable work site for use. The following points should be paid attention to when choosing a work site rationally:

What are the improvement measures for the error caused by internal stress in precision parts machining

First of all

The work site should avoid direct sunlight and high temperature environment, avoid too wet, too much dust place, in use to choose dry and clean site, conditional enterprises should be as far as possible the use of CNC machine tools in the air conditioning environment, maintain a constant room temperature.

The second

CNC machine tool is composed of electronic components and metal shell, in the selection of work site, should avoid the existence of corrosive gas places, to avoid the corrosive gas caused by the deterioration of electronic components, metal parts corrosion and other problems, affect the normal use of CNC machine tools.

The last

CNC machine tools as automation, intelligent machines, should be far away from the vibration of the larger work environment, away from the impact of the vibration of the machine equipment, when necessary to take vibration prevention measures, for the use of CNC machine tools to create a good work site.

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